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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 30, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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>> 88 in miami. 78 in boston. indianapolis 82. the twin cities 74. and dallas still sizzling at 104. 110 in phoenix. 90 in salt lake city. 85 in billings. michele bachmann says she was just joking when she suggested irene and other natural disasters were sent by god to wake up america. at a campaign stop in miami's little havana, bachmann said she was exhibiting her great sense of humor when she made the comments. over the weekend bach machine appeared to suggest that the hurricane and the recent earthquake were god's way of sending a message to americans. memorials were held across the gulf coast yesterday marking six years since that area was of course devastated by hurricane katrina. people gathered in new orleans' lower ninth ward, that decimated neighborhood, to lay wreaths in
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remembrance then danced in the streets in remembrance of the hundreds who lost their lives in that storm. tears were shed in biloxi, mississippi, as survivors looked back on that day that forever changed their lives. they say they wanted to highlight the resilience of the gulf coast. former libyan leader moammar gadhafi is still on the run but most of his family has surfaced in algeria. his wife, daughter, two sons and some grandchildren fled libya yesterday. algierian officials have notifid the united nations and libya's rebel leadership of their whereabouts. the fighting between rebels and gadhafi loyalists is raging in the southern city of sert, headquarters of gadhafi's tribe. was caught on camera when rebels captured two gadhafi loyalists approaching a checkpoint. they surrendered and are now in the custody of the rebels. the alaska woman convicted of punishing her son by squirting hot sauce on his tongue will not be going to jail. instead, jessica begley will
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serve three years of probatatn, a 180-day suspended jail sentence, and a suspended $2,500 fine. prosecutors say she videotaped the incident in order to get on the dr. phil tv show. another story about a great parent, a family sight-seeing cruise in newport beach, california, almost came to a tragic and shocking end. passengers say they watched in horror as an angry father flung his 7-year-old son overboard. more from kabc. >> reporter: it apparently all started as a quiet sunday afternoon boat tour in newport sheriff's officials say soon things got out of control. >> whether it was a joke or not, it was a sick joke, a dangerous joke, and he was arrested. >> reporter: they say 35-year-old sloan bryles had taken his girlfriend and two sons from a previous marriage on a trip on "the pavilion queen." bryles allegedly started arguing with his girlfriend. >> the 7-year-old boy was upset regarding the argument between his fatherernd the father's
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girlfriend. the suspect struck his son several times. >> reporter: police say at one point the father told his son to be quiet or he'll throw him off the boat. when the boy didn't get quiet that's what he did, grabbed him and flung hill overboard. >> the 7-year-old's swimming ability was only fair at the most. >> reporter: the boy was rescued by other boaters in the area. officials say bryles was released from jail. we spoke to neighbors. >> very combative. haven't talked with him one on one. i looked out the woeb one time and got some foul language just for looking to see where noise was coming from. >> reporter: officials believe bryles had been drinking. court documents show he pled guilty to public intoxication in january of this year. officials say in this case he fought them during the arrest. he's charged with child endangerment and resisting arrest. former nba player yeah meares crittenden is arrested in
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southern california to face a murder charge in atlanta. he's accused of shooting a young fourth of four on august 19thh. she was walking with two men, one of whom was likely the real target. crittenden was suspended by the nba in 2009 along with gilbert arenas for keeping guns in a locker room. fighting heart disease, british researchers say, could be as easy as enjoying a little chocolate. scientists at cambridge found people who eat moderate amounts of chocolate have a 37% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. they also have a 31% lower risk of diabetes. and a 29% lower risk of stroke. they say chocolate has a strong anti-oxidant that can reduce bloooopressure. you don't have to tell me twice. >> a diet you can stick to. they say watch out for the amount of sugar and fat in whatever chocolate you choose. no details on what chocolate the folk in this the study were eating. >> just include a little in your
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duty. >> a little bit of chocolate, nothing wrong with that. >> a health story up my aisle. when i think of hawaii i don't think of wild donkeys. i never think of wild donkeys. ththbig island is teeming with them. residents say they are really becoming a major nuisance. >> the donkeys have been disrupting traffic, grazing on golf coursesress keeping folks away with boisterous breeding. >> hey, girl. >> good job. now the humane society has come up with a solution. >> they're being rounded up, the males castrated, oh! >> that's severe. >> ouch, oh, man. soon will be flown to their new homes in california. that's a drastic move. >> i don't know whwhe that came from. oh, but i didn't know they were taking it that far, castration. hang in there. oh, man. we'll be right back with more after this.
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and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. aveeno tinted moisturizers. we all know how much cell phones and smartphones can do these days. it's truly amazing. >> absolutely. one thing you may not have thought of is a cell phone as sort of a bullet-proof protection. that's exactly what it was for one woman in colorado, as don champion of kmgh reports. bullet holes litter buildings at the south point apartments in colorado springs. brenda killbury knows the story behind them. >> pretty frightening. >> reporter: she and two children were in her apartment overnight when police say a fight outside escalated to gunfire. >> all of a sudden i heard three or four shots go off. >> reporter: another round of shots followed. that's when she heard the group outside trying to calm down
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someone caught in the crossfire. >> they were asking a woman if she was okay. >> reporter: police say the woman escaped injury because her cell phone stopped one of the bullets. others hit buildings in the complex, barely missing people. the brush with violence too much for killbury. >> it's getting to where i'm not sure what's going to happen next. >> reporter: at last check police had few details on a suspect in the case. several witnesses only reported seeing the shots being fired from a sedan of some kind. >> very lucky woman. >> absolutely. >> we all want to know what kind of cell phone it was. >> i don't think it was the iphone. i think a bullet would go through that thing like butter. >> must have been thick like ten years ago cell phones. >> got to get myself one of those. coming up,p, turning your baby's outgrown clothing into piles of cash. >> the incredible profits of parents who spend a bundle on that bundle of joy. you're watching "world news now."
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>what sitcom in the '80s made that famous when the family did a lip synch to it? "crosby show." come on. ♪ baby, baby >> been a while but you're absolutely right. it as fact of life that kids grow fast. any parent will tell you they go through their clothes pretty fast too. >> yes, indeed. what do you do with all those old cloeds? lara spencer tells us ways to make them pay off.
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>> reporter: baby clothes. they are an adorable necessity. they can be down right fashionable. they can also be expensive. in fact, the average american home spends between $700 and $1,000 on clothing in a baby's first year of life. and hundreds more on all the baby gear like toys and carriers. that's a big investment for items that are only used for a few months before they're outgrown. so can a mom recoup some of the value of the items she's paid top dollar for but no longer needs? we decided to find out. first up, nini the mom of 5-month-old willem. in a few months willem has gone through a stockpile of clothing. we watched as she dug through drawers to get rid of stuff that's too small or just not right. >> never wore this. >> reporter: then there's willem's baby gear. nia has no use for a pack and play or baby carrier she never used. >> can't carry a baby like this. >> it's like a duffel bag. >> reporter: we pay a visit to
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karla. karla's 2-year-old villet has an aunt who lives in france and sends theed to her parisian fashion. >> how cute is this outfit? >> reporter: karla says many of the fashions have been outgrown. >> gorgeous french linen embroidered summer outfit. that is gorgeous. that's a definite. >> reporter: we watched as violet tried on things to see if they passed the fit test. this coat did. >> do the fit test, whoo! >> reporter: one i im that didn't, this pair of snow pants. >> brand new, never worn. >> reporter: by day's end karla had collected quite a collection of stuff. >> got back closet space, now we're going to fill your wallet. >> reporter: managed to assemble a treasure trove. how much constitute stuff actually make if we tried to resell it? we turned to gail raskin, co-owner of jane's exchange, a new york city consigngnnt shop that specializes in children's items. some stuff gail said wasn't ideal for reselling.
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>> it's a little pilled. and you know what, we would probably do this for $1 or soso >> reporter: but xwail said many of the things could easily be resold. >> gorgeous sweater. beautiful condition. let's say wery $60. >> reporter: other great places for moms to sell items are on ebay, craigslist, or consignment stores near you. new clothing with tags and in my opinion brands. ralph lauren, baby gap, gymboree. remember nia's hats? >> i would imagine on craigslist or ebay they would do maybe five for $7.50,$8.50. >> reporter: baby gear, especially with original packaging or directions, could fetch a pretty penny. >> this is a pack and play in the box, $65. >> reporter: bottom line says gail? >> there is money to be gotten
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> all right. we've got a good "morning papers" for you this morning. stories about our mayor here in new york, some of you may know it's michael bloomberg. he may soon be known as. he's speaking spanish. it's pretty funny. a woman in new york, rachel figueroa levin, has started a twitter account with some of his funniest phrases. this is my favorite. [ speaking spanish ] go to work-o, no excuse-o.
2:56 am
this is after irene. >> the mayor's spanish is pretty bad. >> we have some sound of him. >> be your own judge. [ speaking spanish ] >> all in good fun. rachel's twitter account has more than 12,000 followers already. >> really, already. his spanish accent's pretty bad but god bless him for trying. he can't roll those rs like tanya rivero. [ speaking spanish ] >> there you go, that's what i like to hear. this story i really likeke published in "the "new york daily news."" a university of toronto study that says women who use botox are viewed as cold and vain compared to women who seem to age naturally. >> here's my question, how do they know? >> they did like age group
2:57 am
studies. how people interpreted people, depending on what kind of anti-aging method they use. botox women were seen as very vain and very cold, way into their looks. another study says people who use botox are unable to read other people's emotions as good as those who don't use it. all you women out there. >> we'll keep that in mind. all right. >> i'm so upset. >> are you okay, rob? all right, this next story could have been snakes on a plane. instead it turned out to be snakes in a guy's pants. seven of them, in fact. oh, by the way -- >> he was just happy to be there. >> three tortoises. this isn't the first time the transportation security administration officers in miami have had this issue. they also, in 1996, had a woman who tried to sneak on 75 live snakes inside her bra. >> what kind of bra can possibly hold 75 snakes? >> those must have been small snakes. also in 2007 a man tried to
2:58 am
smuggle a tiny monkey under his shirt. >> i don't want to see what people are doing with all this stuff on the plane. no, man. leave your monkey -- well. got sick.
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this morning on "world news now," rising waters. rivers are overflowing in the northeast after irene's epic downpours. raging waters even washed away a national guard rescue vehicle. >> damage is spread out over such a wide area it's difficult to predict just how much it will cost to clean up. it is tuesday, august 30th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good tuesday morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. the historic floods are the big story in the northeast. in virginia, north carolina and maryland, it's the tornado damage and power outages. and this morning there are
3:01 am
serious questions about the work forecasters did as irene moved up the coast. >> all those reports how dangerous the winds were going to be and they were in a lot of areas but not quite lived up to the hype of what some meteorologists said. we'll look into that. >> some people are complaining about it. also ahead this half hour, people in the news room love this story this morning. the arrests near colorado state university after, you won't believe how many people showed up at a rally back to school pool party, and yep, how a facebook posting led to all those folks showing up to party. >> i don't know thth looks like a pretty fun party. >> wish i were there, looks good to me, let's go. later this half hour, detroit's automakers turned to virtuauareality technology to try out new concepts long before you try out a new car. daniel sieberg techth it out. before all of that, new details in the aftermath of irene. the death toll now stands at at least 40 people as even more victims now are pulled from those floodwaters. >> and in many areas those
3:02 am
waters are still on the rise. abc's dan harris begins our coverage in new jersey. >> reporter: the water is lapping at the front stoops here in little falls as w saw close up when we went out into the waters with joe croco who lives here. when we got out into the thick of things the current was so strong joe and i had to take turns getting out of the boat to pull it. joe, have you ever seen it like this before? >> no, this is the worst. >> reporter: it was a day of unbelievable sights across this state. a house on fire in the middle of the floodwaters with fire crews in a boat contending with a fierce current while trying to douse the flames. national guard vehicles driving through water so high you could barely see the roofs. >> got his window open. >> reporter: you've got to wonder how the people inside could breathe. in the city of trenton, this. the acetate creek jumped its banks, overran these train tracks, created this little waterfall here that runs right
3:03 am
through these two cars on the outside of an auto repair shop that's got some serious damage. then it f fwed right down this residential street. here's the most serious damage it did. it undermined the foundation of this multi-family home and sheared the side right off of it when it collapsed. while we were there the family who lives here showed up. they were slack-jawed. i'm looking into the side of your bedroom right now? that's your bed? >> that's my bed. the second floor. >> my house for 22 years. and now -- >> reporter: the city has set up a shelter for the 400 families who live here. at this point, they're not forcing anybody out of their homes. but they're actively encouraging people to get out because at some point it is going to be very, very unsafe. dan harris, abc news, in little falls, new jersey. and thousands of people in vermont are also reeling from the worst flooding in that state in 100 years. the state emergency management
3:04 am
headquarters had to be evacuated ahead of rising floodwaters. at least three people have died, including a city worker hoff checking on the water treatment plant. his son is still missing. meanwhile, thousands in the mid-atlantic are still waiting for their lights to come back on. the power company says electricity should be back for everyone by friday. utility crews from all over the country have poured into the region to help out. even more are arrivin today. commuters in the philadelphia area should have an easier time getting around today but they will still face a few lingering problems. a limited number of amtrak trains are running between philly and d.c. but there's still no service between philadelphia and boston. most mass transit subways, buss and trolleys are also running again but three lines remain suspended because of flooded tracks. as you can tell therers no question that irene's floods took a heavy, heavy toll on the east coast. what about those dire warnings about catastrophic winds? the kinds of winds that never really materialized throughout the storm.
3:05 am
abc's clayton sandell has more on all the science that missed the mark. >> if you haven't left you should leave now. >> reporter: the dire warnings were hard to miss. >> monster category 3 or 4 storm -- >> reporter: with irene not quite living up to the hype -- >> people sitting on the beach in asbury park, get the hell off the beach. >> reporter: monday morning meteorologists are wondering what happened? some thought irene might hit the u.s. as a category 4 k k tas tr fear. when it came ashore it was a much weaker storm. >> of course, that's the problem, because. >> reporter: what happened with irene highlights predicting hurricane intensity, how strong the storm will be, is inexact and hasn't improved much in 20 years. forecasters admit the computer models they use are not good enough. >> we know we need to do a better job in intensity forecasting. >> reporter: there's aot forecasters got right about irene. they predicted five days before the storm hit that the storm
3:06 am
would spare florida and georgia, making landfall in north carolina. monday's prediction was only ten miles off, preventing costly and unnecessary evacuations. >> i think they informed us well and we did the right thing. >> reporter: scientists point out predicting where stores will strike has improved 60% since 1990. critical information that saved lives. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> you know, a little bit of the sign of the times is that so many people stocked up on flashlights and generators and batteries. then after irene they tried to return a lot of these things. they said, hey, i didn't need it. >> times are tight. fascinating associated press article that came out yesterday, did the media overhype the storm? did it go too far? was it too new york-centric? all of this? i think post-katrina, people are you'd rather put the warnings out there, rather than having not done enough and pull bodies from the street. >> rather be safe than sorry. >> i think politicians and emergency workers agree, why we saw all the amped-up coverage
3:07 am
ahead of time. keeping with weather here's your tuesday forecast. popup showers from savannah to miami. thunderstorms around minneapolis, fargo, des moines, chicago, omaha and st. louis. showers across much of colorado. the blistering heat continues from texas to tennessee. >> dallas climbs to 104. new orleans 95. 82 here in new york. 78 in bean town. 80s in detroit. chicago and kansas city. just 66 in seattle. 84 in sacramento. and wildlife officials are trying to track down a grizzly bear in yellowstone park after a hiker was found dead onn a back country trail. the man's body was discovered five miles from the nearest trail head not far from where he had parked his vehicle. wildlife experts say several adult grizzlies had left their tracks at the scene but they want to find the actual attacker. >> we have traps set in the area. if we capture a bear and we can positively identify that bear as the bear who attacked the indivivial, then that bear will be euthanized.
3:08 am
>> it's not been a good summer. this was the second fatal bear mauling at yellowstone this summer, the fourth in the last two years. imprisoned polygamous leader warren jeffs is in a medically induced coma in a texas hospital. a source tells abc news he may not survive. the 55-year-old was in critical condition after fasting for several weeks. jeffs was convicted earlier this month of sexually assaulted underage girls that he took as brides. he was sentenced to life behind bars. another injury for a baseball fan. there time the victim was a young boy at a mets similar marlins game in new york. the boy was hit in the face with a line drive yesterday as he sat in the right field section. he was bleeding heavily when he was put in an ambulancece but h condition is not believed to be life-threatening. the marlins player who hit the ball came over and gave the boy a bat as a souvenir. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn visited his former workplace to say good-bye to
3:09 am
staffers. strauss-kahn resigned from the imf in may shortly after his arrest in new york on charges he sexually assaulted a hotel maid. those charges have been dismissed. hundreds of employees jammed an good-bye.orium to hear him say when planning a party, here's practical advice. don't advertise on facebook unless you're prepared for things to go horribly wrong. an apartment complex near colorado state university posted an invitation for the biggest pool party of the year. one partygoer was brandon vu, who shot this video. at least 2,000 people showed up. many of them, as you can see there, already a little hammered. police appeared shortly after. four people were arrested and the apartment complex management may also face nuisance charges. wow. it did look like fun, though. >> that was a good party, 2,000 people, that's the power of facebook. that's a party. that's the old college try. >> many people looked unhappy.
3:10 am
>> they did not mind at all. some people drove all the way to ft. colins from denver, a 65-mililtrip, just to get to that party. people coming from all over. >> where was our invite? >> why didn't we get one? surely there was some space. >> show us the love here. >> working hard here on the overnight. i watched this show in college too. >> we'll take a plane. all right, the long-running drought in texas is threatening hundreds of thousands of migrating hummingbirds. >> the drought has taken a heavy toll on the flowers that provide nectar and nutrition for those birds. conservationists are urging people to put out stocked feeders at least until the end of october to help those hummingbirds survive. >> cute little critters, aren't they? >> not bad at all. >> i enjoy watating them. >> i'm not a big bird person, i don't have much to say about this. let's just go to break. more world news after the break.
3:11 am
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♪ working on the night moves welcome back, everybody. well, summer is coming to a close, sadly. boy, shed a tearr for that one. many schools across the country are already back in session. it won't be long before all the kids are in the classroom. >> in addition to the new clothes and all the new supplies it's important to also remember your child's book to school health. here's abc's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: experts say amid all the other preparations for school make sure your child gets an "i" in commune nations. dtap, polio, a booster for measles, mumps and rubella, and a final chicken pox vaccine. for middle school, meningo coccal vaccine and tetanus booster. for high school, the checklist should include screening for substance abuse, screening for
3:16 am
depression, and d yearly physical which ideally should include a chance to speak to the doctor alone. fall also means flu season. so make sure a flu shot is part of your child's back to school routine. and don't overlook eye exams. sometimes young people are embarrassed to admit they can't see the board. finally, remind your kids about chas hygiene. they need to wash their hands and cover up their coughs. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> oh yeah. >> wash those hands, cough into the sleeve. >> in and out and in between makes my hands all squeaky clean. >> really. oh, thank you. look at, that there you go, dr. rivero. >> watch out. >> i like it. >> have you had your vaccinations, rob? i have a little sir rimplg. >> thank you, doctor. if you're at that party in colorado, get your herpes shot too, that wowod be important. how detroit automakers use technology to get ahead. >> one car company is creating
3:17 am
your future ride using virtual reality. we'll go for a spin to that party next. >> i'm serious about that shot. i know i barely ever talk to you guys, sometimes i don't know how. i still need you. now, more than ever.
3:18 am
nice musical selection to open up our next story. now some technology that makes the current hybrid and smart cars look almost old fashioned by comparison. >> it comes to us thanks to two of detroit's big automakers which are using it to save money and map their way into the future. our tech contributor daniel sieberg got behind the wheel to tech it out. >> you kids pipe down back there, don't make me pull over. yes, that's a helmet. not the kind required for racing. in this case it's all about virtual reality in the ford lab, letting engineers and designers
3:19 am
get a 360-degree view of how everything might look when it's actually assembled. and get a sense of the overall experience. >> we want to understand what the customer will see and we want to understand it from all the perspectives. so small females and tall males. and we'll get in the vehicle and we'll "sit" in each location of the vehicle ananlook around the vehicle and make sure that the quality is good and that the margins, what we call like the relationship of one part to another, is good and consistent. so really checking everything that the customer can see. >> reporter: that means being able to zoom in on the control panel, look into the back seats, even slide into the back seats, or get out of the car altogether and take a walk around it. which, believe me, is a little surreal wearing the headset. the beauty of this technology, besides being pretty cool, is that it maximimes efficiency. instead of creating physical models, ford says it can cycle through dozens of designs in a
3:20 am
fraction of the time. what's next for that type of technology? is there a day where you can be wearing those goggles and actually touch things with your hands? >> yeah, for sure. i say the future is mixed. and what i mean by that is, mixed reality. so you have the touch. then you have the look of the virtual data. so we have a new device that's a head-mounted display that allows you to see through to the physical world, but also see the virtual data. and so we can do a lot with that. even using an existing car, bringing it in, and then using that display to just check out a new option for an existing vehicle. >> reporter: now to a futuristic gmgmehicle that exists only y prototype form for the moment and defies the standard idea of vehicle design. >> this is really turning on a dime here, truly. what's smaller than a dime? this is a pretty small turn. >> five-pence.
3:21 am
>> reporter: call it part smart car, part segway. the envy or electric vehicle spurs envy in those who see it. compact, quiet, unique. although its top speed is 25 miles per hour and at the moment it wouldn't do well with potholes. that said, its creators are hoping this unusual car design will inspire new ways to get around. >> this could really solve some problems in urban settings. it's going to solve all the problems for everybody in the world? no, i don't think so. but certainly a large segment, when you talk about cities like shanghai or like new york city, london, san francisco where congestion is just really strangling these cities. >> reporter: the en-v would be able to communicate with other cars and could basically drive on auto pilot when needed, letting the driver conduct video conferencing calls thanks to the camera inside, do some work with the mini computer, or maybe the car would even operate on its
3:22 am
own to run some errands. >> i like that little car. >> yeah, we've all seen those little cars on the street. what happens when you hit that ford explorer? [ female announcer ] we are taking new ultra downy with silktouch to the streets.
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all right, finally this half hour the long trip home, and we mean really long. >> it's happening right now in the cold, cold waters between new zealand and antarctica where our favorite penguin, happy feet, is getting a lift toward home. >> abc's david wright has his travel log. >> reporter: in a refrigerated crate aboard this new zealand research vessel, the little emperor penguin finally bid good-bye to all hisny friends and set sail for home.
3:26 am
>> we have a bittersweet moment i think for the zoo because we are a bit sad to see happy feet go. >> reporter: it's a long trip back, four days aboard the ship. the researchers plan to drop him in a spot where the currents are favorable and he'll meet other emperor penguins his own agag happy feet will have quite a story to tell about how he spent his summer vacation. he washed up in june on a new zealand beach, the first emperor penguin in 44 years to be so far out of h h way. >> i jususwant to rescue him, popo little thing. >> reporter: rescue him he did, after all that wet sand he's eat itten, thinking perhaps it was snow, the welling ton zoo nursed him back. as the gastroenterologist pulled out twigs and other debris clogging his tummy. this weekend vets at the zoo attached a small gps track sore they can continue to keep in touch. >> it's very exciting for me that we've managed to get him to this point where we can release him. >> reporter: happy feet's many
3:27 am
fans were riveted, watching his every move on a web cam as he made his recovery. zoo officials admit it's tough to say good-bye. >> obviously the world is attached to him. i'm attached to him. my team's attached to him. but it's the best ting for him. >> reporter: his fans lined up by the hundreded to wish him well. >> i will miss him when he's gone. >> i wish i could be his friend. >> reporter: he may not be able to say so but clearly, he knows he's one lucky penguin. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> one popular little penguin. >> really, 1,700 people came out to wish him bon voyage on his big trip back. >> but some people are having happy feet fatigue. and i wonder, rob nelson, are you perhaps one of those? >> i think he's a cute little guy. he's been in the news far too much than a random penguin go. >> are you happy to see him go? >> it's time, it's time. >> he is getting a 4 think-mile lift on the boat. hopefully that will be enough of a head start. >> let's hope. they nursed him back to health
3:28 am
with fish-flavored milk shakes. >> yum, yum. with fish-flavored milk shakes. >> yum, yum. >> sound like a good and it's sixty percent off, we can each get one! i should not be shopping. i don't think we can pay the mortgage this month.
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this morning on "world news now," the worst floods in a century in vermont. irene's relentless rainfall sends new england rivers over their banks, washing away bridges and entire towns. >> and this disaster is not over yet because some flooded rivers in the northeast still haven't crested. it is tuesday, august 30th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. clean-up could go wellnto the billions. and this morning several million people are waiting for the power to be restored. in virginia and north carolina, hurricane irene's most forceful winds left communities in
3:31 am
shambles. >> people expected the coastal areas to take the worst of this. seems like the inland areas, any area by a river or creek. they're the ones still -- >> the flooding is the real story here. >> that's become the issue, ally has. also ahead in this half hour, michael jackson's three children visit the superstar's hometown of gary, indiana. you'll hear what they had to say to the people of gary and find out why they were there. and later, the list is out. we know you want to know what we know. the new celebrity competitors who will appear in the latest round of "dancing with the stars." we'll have the entire list so get ready to pick your favorite in "the skinny." it's a good list, too. >> intriguing list this time around. yeah, pretty good. i think i know who's going to win. i think. >> really? >> i have a bet, i have a hunch. >> we'll take bets. >> a little wager. before all of that, at least 40 people now, the death toll is up, have now died as a result of iren damage estimates now in the billions. >> vermont is struggling with the worst flooding the state has seen in a century. abc's scott goldberg begins our coverage in new york. scott?
3:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. picture perfect in new york st city. most of the damage is in the outer boroughs and in upstate new york and the surrounding states where floodwaters still are surging and millions of people could be without power for days. from the mid-atlantic to maine, the scope of the flooding is devastating. whole communities cut off. bridges washed away. in new jersey, the worst of the flooding is not over. >> still going to see some major flooding in some parts of the state over the next 24 hours because in some places the waters are still rising. >> reporter: you might expect to see raging waters like these where irene made landfall but this is unprecedented in vermont. >> it was really scary. people coming in chest-deep in water. >> reporter: at least three of the state's iconic covered bridges gone. crews worked to restore power to 5 million homes and businesses. some won't get their electricity back until next week. the big apple dodged a direct
3:33 am
hit but upstate new york got swamped. flash floods swept through this small town. >> make sure nobody's in the water! >> reporter: the federal government promised to pay for 75% of early emergency operations. >> i'm going to make sure that fema and other agencies are doing everything in their power to help people on the ground. >> reporter: back in the bigger cities life bounced back to normal. the nation's largest mass transit system in new york was running once again. >> i expected it to be a lot worse than it was. >> reporter: now we're getting an idea what it will cost to clean up after irene. insurance companies say the price tag is between $3 billion and $6 billion, significantly less than many predictct and it hardly compares to hurricane katrina exactly six years s o. katrina cost $106 billion. rob and tanya? >> staggering numbers. in the mid-atlantic thousands are spending yet another night without electricity. >> it could be the end of the week before power is back on. karen travers is joining us from washington this morning with more on the struggles there. hi this, karen.
3:34 am
>> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. hurricane irene struck north carolina first and hardest. residents there are cleaning up but it's going to be a difficult process because of damaged infrastructure and massive power outages. after hurricane irene made landfall on the north carolina coast, residents are starting to pick up the pieces. as if irene's whipping winds and pounding rains weren't enough, a tornado ripped through tyrrell county in eastern north carolina. five homes were destroyed. >> glad i wasn't inside this house. >> reporter: irene is being blamed for six deaths there. five people killed by falling trees or branches. >> wind seemed like it was never gogoing to stop. >> reporter: the storm ripped apart highway 12, the main road along north carolina's barrier islands. it was breached in five places as storm surge washed away the asphalal hatteras island is now accessible only by boat, leaving more than 2,000 people stranded. >> basically it's haul it out, except till this morning we were canoeing from the house to the road. >> reporter: in virginin four people were killed by the
3:35 am
storm's effects. more than 600,000 remain without power. still, a sigh of relief. >> it's a storm we prepared for the worst, but we fared better than we expected. >> reporter: ocean city, maryland, took a beating from irene's winds and rains. the popular resort town is back open for business but there are still power outages in the eastern part of the state. >> even though it's sunny and it's beautiful outside, there are 472,000 households that are without power right now. >> reporter: it was six years ago that hurricane katrina struck new orleans. yesterday the headadf fema said the key lesson from that disaster is the government can't wait to see how big a storm is going to be before it gets ready. rob and tanya? >> again, katrina changed the psychology of the country when it comes to storm prep. it really did. you see that in irene. >> you have to assume the worst because you don't want to be caught with your pants down. >> you heard about the wide difference in insurance figures. the insurance industry is not going to take as big a hit as first feared.
3:36 am
stocks went up yesterday 250 points. that's good news in all of this. >> subways and pretty much all the transportation is going to be back to normal. except philadelphia is still seeing some delays. >> back to normal new york, philly a few days. take a look at your tuesday forecast. stormy bismarck to st. louis to the twin cities. showers around denver. another scorcher dallas to memphis. scattered showers in southern georgia and much of florida. >> 88 in miami. 90 in atlanta. 84 in baltimore. a wet 77 in fargo. 78 in omaha. 80 in detroit. phoenix 110. albuquerque 93. colorado springs 95. a cool 66 in seattle. 71 in portland. italian villagers are keeping a pretty close eye on mt. aetna as it springs back to life. the volcano shot lava and ash high into the air eight days after the latest eruption began. yesterday's eruption tapered off after about two hours or so. aetna has several villages on its slope.
3:37 am
air traffic was not affected this time, but airliners often have to alter routes to avoid clouds of ash. >a feud between dick cheney and colin powell that simmered during the bush administration is now at full boil thanks to the former vice president's new book which goes on sale today. abc's jonathan karl has details. >> reporter: they've been two titans of republican foreign policy for decades. working side by side through no less than three wars. >> first we're going to cut it off, then we're going to kill it. >> reporter: but in his new book, dick cheney unloads on colin powell.. accusing him of undermining president bush as secretary of state, being "openly disdainful of the president's policies." cheney claims credit for kicking powell out of the administration after the 2004 election. now it's powell's turn. >> they are cheap shots and the kind of headline you might see one of the supermarket tabloids write. it's nonsense. >> reporter: they had been close friends. in november 2000, when cheney was hospitalized with a heart
3:38 am
attack, powell's wife alma prepared an entire thanksgiving dinner for the cheney family. now cheney portrays powell as two-faced and dishonest, especially on iraq. "time and again i heard that powell was opposed to the war in iraq. indeed, i continue to hear it today. but never once in any meeting did i hear him voice objection." cheney also takes aim at condoleezza rice. after one heated disagreement on iraq, cheney says rice came into his office and "tearfully admitted i had been right." powell accuses cheney of trying to pump book sales but there's something else going on here. evidence that president bush's foreign policy team was at war with itself. >> the team was not functioning as a team. we had different views and not just views that could be reconciled. >> reporter: we reached out to condoleezza rice for a response. she has none yet but she will have her say soon enough. rice has her own book in the works due out in november.
3:39 am
jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> interesting. everyone has a slightly different recollection of what went on in those war meetings. >> they do. cheney's accounts differ a little bit from what president bush wrote in his bobo. i think everyone writes their book about something so controversial, there's a little bit of revisionist history that goes on sometime. >> take it with a grain of salt. >> the truth is often in the middle. >> absolutely. let's lighten the mood. >> this is a sweet little story. five newborn kittens could have been casualties of hurricane irene, but instead they are safe and sound. >> the week-old kittens were found in a cardboard box floating on a flooded street in massachusetts. they were turned over to the fire department and now an animal control officer is watching over them until they can find some loving homes. and you know someone will snatch those little kittens up quickly. >> just a week old, they look like mice they're so tiny. >> they're named after hurricanes from the 2011 season, including irene.
3:40 am
very nice, very appropriate. all right, more "world news" coming up after the break. >> i know you want to adopt them. >> hm. [ female announcer ] it's a pad like no other.
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jury selection in the involuntary manslaughter case against michael jackson's former doctor is set to begin next week. dr. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. yesterday a judge ruled murray's defense cannot call any witnesses to testify about jackson's 1995 child molestation investigation. the ruling came on what would have been jackson's 53rd birthday. meanwhile, jackson's children have been visiting
3:44 am
their father's boyhood home near chicago. >> they went to the gary, indiana, residence with their grandfather. evelyn holmes of wls talked to them during their visit. >> reporter: they are happy and well-adjusted. >> we've adjusted over the past years. and i think that coming here and seeing our dad's old house and all the fans coming out, i think it's really sweet they did that. >> reporter: the siblings made a rare public appearance in gary, indiana, this weekend with their grandmother, katherine jackson, and other relatives as the family celebrated what would have been michael jackson's birthday. he would have been 53 years old on monday. >> i am happy for this type of a thing not only going on here, it's going on all over the world. >> reporter: it wasn't long ago that the world watched as 14-year-old prince, 13-year-old paris, and 9-year-old blanket, bid farewell to their father. the children posed for pictures and signed autographs for fans during the town's three-day celebration.
3:45 am
>> it's fun because dad grew up here. and it's good to see it, the place where our dad grew up. >> reporter: michael jackson's childhood home at 2300 jackson street remains a beehive of activity as throngs of fans pay tribute at the legend's stage. ♪ >> reporter: the family sasa seeing the community and fans from everywhere honoring michael makes them feel wonderful. they vow to keep his music and his legacy alive. how would you like him to be remembered? as one of the greatest and nicest guys ever. >> amazing seeing his kids. isn't it? >> all grown up. i think people remember looking at them during the funeral. it's amazing in the two years since how much they have grown up in the last two years. controversy too, this october 8th tribute concert in wales. >> it's going to conflict with the e ial of dr. conrad murray. correct? >> that's why janet jackson and some of the siblings are not going g go, they want to be there for the trial and see how that plays out and not be at the
3:46 am
concert. >> even though the concert does have the approval of the family matriarch. >> katherine jackson is all for it, some of the siblings are all for it. some can't make it. they'd rather see justice prevail, whatever happens in that trial. >> it will certainly be a big concert, i'm sure. >> oh, yeah. hardly believe it's two years since he's gone, wow, but lives on. >> absolutely. coming up, a big decision for the bravo network about "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> and the cast of celebrity competitors of "dancing with the stars." finally revealed for next season. "the skinny" is next. (sound of computer alert tone) hey girl. heard you and your boyfriend split. do i know you? hey, saw you changed your status to single. wanna go out? hang on. you trash - you never deserved him. go to him... beg him to take you back. you're incomplete without him! excuse me... (sound of door slamming) this is what happens when
3:47 am
you spend too much time on boys and not enough time on studying! so i always thought he was a creep. he's a creep right, and i'm telling like everyone that he was a creep to you. and that's what i'm telling everyone. i'm here for you. us girls have to stick together. when you post online it's like opening your front door to... well, everyone. if you need help call >>
3:48 am
very exciting news for all you "dancing with the stars" fans. the cast of this season has finally been revealed. i'm going to go through them quickly. the men, david arquette, ron artest, rob kardashian, j.r. martinez, carson kressley, chaz bono, those are the help, very interesting group. the women, nancy grace, elisabetta canalis, ex-girlfriend of george clooney, that's right. kristin cavallari, ricki lake,
3:49 am
chynna phillips, hope solo. i i ink it's a fantastic and interesting cast. >> it's an eclectic mix. they do a good job with that show, they always get a very, very motley crew. >> i'm excited to watch this one. j.r. martinez did have a few words to say about being selected. >> you know, i just want people to take away that, you know, no matter through what war or battle you are fighting through, positive thinking, positive attitude, you can overcome. and i think all of us up here are going to prove that to the 40 million people that watch the show, that we are going to push ourselves to go beyond what we thought were possible. >> we will certainly be cheering for him. >> i'm cheering for brooke burke as i do every season. >> she already won. >> mmm-hm. >> they're going to start training with their celebrity partners very soon. >> nancy grace, i think that's an interesting pick there, yeah. >> that will be -- >> a departure from what she's known for in the media. >> one of the more interesting picks, i agree.
3:50 am
>> should be exciting. a more somber note here. we've been talking for several weeks about the russell armstrong suicide, the husband from "real housewives of beberly hills." we're getting a little better sense how bravo is going to handle the situation. there's been a lot of speculation. apparently what they did, on monday they taped a special with several of the housewives from that season about the suicide. it's still unclear whether the special, which is kind of addressing the reaction to the suicide, whether that's going to air before or after the next season debuts. on the books, it's still going to come out next week on september the 5th. but there's tata it could be postponed. they did edit the season premiere in light of what happened. it's unclear what made the final cut and what did not. apparently they -- a special about housewives reacting to the tragedy will be a part of whatever they handle -- however they handle this next season. >> the situation has certainly brought out a lot of critics of reality tv, that's for sure. >> should be interesting to see where it goes from here. >> matthew fox. remember him? >> my favorite show. >> that's right. he was apparently detained by police after allegedly
3:51 am
assaulting a female bus driver. >> party for two. >> apparently this happened saturday night. he was trying to get into a party bus. these pictures are courtesy of tmz. the bus driver, heather borman, said he was so drunk he couldn't listen to her as she was telling him to please get off the bus. he started punching her and she punched him back and she landed one. she says, i took one hand to his jaw and he was spitting blood and he stumbled backwards. she defend herself. >> no kidding. >> no charges have yet been made. borman says plans to meet with prosecutors, she has plans to meet with prosecutors. >> maybe she didn't understand the finale like i didn't so she took out her frustrations. >> don't try to board a party bus to which you were not invited. that's the moral of that story. >> demi lovato at the vmas. earlier this week. apparently folks had been harsh saying she looked like she gained some weight. she tweeted, i gained weight, get over it, that's what happens when you get out of treatment for eating disorder, pretty much saying leave me alone.
3:52 am
i thought she looked great. later she tweeted, guess, what i'm healthy and happy, if you're hating on my weight you obviously aren't. she swung back at the critics. >> take a look at how fantastic she looks. >> bouncing back from rehab, you go, demi. >> we're fans.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news. muslims worldwide begin their three-day celebration of ai today. it marks the end of the holy month of ramadan. the conclusion of the federal investigation into last year's gas exploloon in san bruno, california, is released today. eight people were killed in the blast. homeland security secretary janet napolitano and other members s the obama administration will tour several areas today damaged by hurricane irene. and finally this half hour, time for the big stamp. it is at least your -- >> come on. >> favorite story of the day. >> that's right. it takes us back to o rricane
3:56 am
irene and a little fella who just didn't care about it. he had some sunshine he had to get to, no matter what. >> we get the details from abc's john berman. >> reporter: travelers sat stranded. runways sat empty. 13,000 flights canceled by the giant storm that was irene. but there was one flight that did go through. of the nonstop international variety. call it air chinquapin. the name of a whimbrel. a whimbrel is a kind of bird. a very brave bird that flew through a hurricane. chinquapin was wearing a kind of satellite transmitter backpack so scientists could track him on his annual migration. he left canada over a week ago. by wednesday researchers watched with horror as he headed straight into irene, then a category 3 storm with 110-mile-per-hour winds. and he disappeared. >> we're all walking around on pins and needles hoping the bird made it through. >> reporter: friday they got a
3:57 am
snil from the bird, alive and well in the bahamas. nice, right? so how exactly did chinquapin make it through? maybe guts and gut. >> the whimbrel is able to survive the hurricane because of the tremendous fat stores that they're able to put on, and therefore they're able to expend the amount of energy that it takes to fly through the hurricane. >> reporter: scientists say birds have an uncanny ability to judge weather patterns. usually to avoid hurricanes or, in chinquapin's case, perhaps surf irene's wind currents and find a safe path through the storm. maybe it was courage, daring, perseverance, or maybe chinquapin likes samba. he'll spend the winter in brazil. john berman, abc news, new york. >> nice, he just had to get down to brazil. understand the little guy. >> brazil's nice, i see why he'd want to go there. >> i'd fly to brazil if i could too. >> let's go, man. that's all the news for now. more from abc news.
3:58 am
3:59 am
and it's sixty percent off, we can each get one! i should not be shopping. i don't think we can pay the mortgage this month.


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